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Meet Elizabeth, the driving force behind Be.slick Beauty and Training Academy. Starting as a hairstylist, she expanded her repertoire due to client demand, diving into nails and lashes. Over time, she honed these skills, eventually shifting her focus solely to nails and lashes.

Today, Elizabeth specializes in these areas and passionately imparts her expertise through teaching. Her classes offer a unique opportunity to master these crafts, whether you’re aiming for proficiency or excellence. Join us in a world of beauty, guided by a true artisan and educator.

My Goal 🎯
My mission is to cultivate Be.slick Beauty and Training Academy into a nurturing haven for young women, fostering not only their skill development but also their journey towards self-discovery, self-expression, and financial independence. Together, we’re crafting a tapestry of dreams, where ambition meets success, and where young women can thrive and make their mark in the beauty industry and beyond.

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